Hella Bay Clothing at Strapping in Sacramento!

July 23, 2017 by Teresa Kimbrough

I met Susan Stewart, owner of Strapping Fit, a little less than a year ago. She hit me up asking if I would like to do a PopUp at Therapy Store in Oakland. I said sure. I've got to say, her and her wife Rachel are literally two of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. When Susan later said she was about to open store in Oak Park - Sacramento, and that she would like to sell some Hella Bay merchandise at her store, I jumped at the chance. I love to see other small businesses thrive, especially female owned businesses, which is exactly what she is doing up there in Sac Town. 

Strapping has been open for a few months now and looks absolutely amazing! With an eclectic mix of merchandise and clothing, Strapping is the perfect place to get lost on a random weekend afternoon. So if you are up there in Sacramento, stop in and tell Susan that Teresa from Hella Bay Clothing sent you. I guarantee you will be met with a big smile and a hearty laugh. Happy shopping!